Kingston 19-In-1 Usb 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader Fcr-Hs219-1

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Currently, I am expending it on an iMac with 3 card sizes: SD, CompactFlash, and MicroSD. All works perfect. Fixing it up was instantaneous. The transfer speed is outstanding particularly when not hooked up through a USB hub.

Do I desire the cards were easier to get back out? Sure, but they’re only a part more uncomfortable to get out than my internal card reader and no poorer than any other external model. It’s good to be really satisfied with a product.

I bought a 4GB SDHC card to go with my new Nikon digital SLR at only to discover my reliable ancient multi-format reader didn’t work with it. I went to a limited BIG BOX stores looking for something to use. After browsing the web I decided to purchase the Kingston reader. It is a nice tiny reader. Currently I only have cameras that use SD, Micro SD, SDHC, and Memory Sticks… all these and more are read fast.

The reader comes with a very, very little USB cord attached, but Kingston also included a USB extension cord that allowed me to plug into the back ports of my desktop’s CPU with comfort. The reader’s gliding case lets you to keep cards plugged into the unit despite the fact that traveling seems difficult at first, but is a really cool notion. Using “My Computer”, the Nikon’s SDHC card’s data popped up on my screen labeled as a “Nikon data port”… very useful. I have only used the reader for guileless single card data recovery and it worked impeccably. I am very content with the fast service the vendor supplied and the operation of this well-ordered device.

I just ordered from the Kingston FCR-HS219 19-1 Media Reader to transfer quite a few photos from SD/SDHC cards I had to my computer. The device itself is tremendously simple to use and setup. It does not need CDs, no software, just plug and play. Placing cards in the slots is quite easy. The card does stick out of the reader, but Kingston has fixed that by letting the inside of the reader to glide back into the plastic sleeve to safeguard the card from being damaged or knocked out.

The device is stress-free to set up, easier to store, cheap and works great. I would endorse this to anybody who needs a digital media transfer solution.


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