How to Keep Your Kids Away From Junk Food

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Junk food refers to any food that has low or zero nutritional value. And it seems that nowadays it already consumed people of all ages, no matter what race or gender and the latest victims are the children. So, how can you keep your kids away from junk foods?

We know for a fact that junk foods will not make our kids healthy, and it is a burden to find ways and means to keep them away from it because they are everywhere; television ads, posters, groceries and convenient stores. Still, it is our responsibility as parents to think and find effective ways to divert their cravings to a healthier junk food alternative. Let me share some guidelines that you can follow;

• The perfect time to instill your kids with the proper eating habit is when they start learning how to eat. Familiarize them with healthy foods such as fruits, milk and vegetables. 
• Your kids need to know that junk food is never good for the body. You can tell stories or cite examples of the bad effects of it. 
• Practice healthy eating even outside your home. If you have intentions of treating the family for a meal outside, find a place where they serve healthy meals and not the usual burger and fries. 
• Prepare packed lunch for your kids. Create healthy food alternative and let them pick what they want just to make sure they will eat it. 
• But of course, keeping them away from it will be a disaster if you will not be a good example. Let your kids see that you enjoy eating healthy foods.

And to sum it all up, there is no better time than now to start encouraging your children and providing them proper guidance to achieve good health.


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