Great Food to Try From Great Places

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So, whenever I go to a new place the first thing that’s on my mind is where I will eat.

Here’s a list of mouth watering food that you should try when you are in Malaysia.

  • Malaysia – because of the historical heritage, Malays usually uses fresh aromatic herbs and roots such as lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and fresh chillies. If you go to Malaysia you should try their Bak kut teh, it is a popularly served soup in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Indonesia. It is translated as the “meat bone tea” simply because it is cooked with meaty pork ribs simmered in herbs and spices (contained in a tea bag) with light and dark soy sauce for hours. This is best with white rice.

  • Turkey – it was said that Turkish cuisine was defined as simple but of pure quality. Turkey is actually well known for kebab. Kebab is simply marinated lumps of meat usually lamb skewed and grilled over charcoal. I love eating kebabs either with corn or boiled potato with butter and salt.

  • India – this cuisine is often described as sophisticated and subtle because of the herbs and spices and vegetables used. India’s specialty of course is curry. They have this unique way of cooking curry that makes it special.

  • Thailand – Thai food is lightly prepared but with much emphasis on strong aroma and they are known for spicy dishes. The most popular dish in Thailand is Tom Yam. It is a spicy, sour soup usually with prawns and vegetables.

These are just a few of the mouth watering food you need to try in case you visit some of these countries. Now, that made me really hungry. 


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