How The Art of Article Writing And Article Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

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You will find that the subject of most of my articles is about the art of article writing, as well as article marketing. So what do I mean by article marketing? Well I believe that this is one of the most important aspects of running your own Internet business.

Let me explain exactly what I mean. Firstly whether you have a high street store, you are a self employed plumber, or you market on the Internet, your main priority is get your potential customers to know that you even exist, let alone buy from you.

So how do you do that I can hear you say! Well if you are a plumber or the store owner, you will most likely advertise in the local news papers, or in the yellow pages, you may even want to advertise on the Internet as well, which is okay if you have a local business and you can have your web address in your advertisements as well.

If you rely totally on the Internet, with a worldwide marketplace, then the best place to advertise your business is on the Internet itself, unless you are a multinational company, and you can afford the cost of T.V. advertising.

The best place to place your Internet advert is with the article directories, this is because when people are looking for something, they type a phrase into the search engines that describes what they are looking for.

Of the search results people will quite often click on the results that most relates to their search, and it could be one that has been put there, by one of the article directories, and the title of that article could well lead them to your website, if it was your article.

That person will then be taken to your article, on the article directories site and hopefully they will read it. If you have done a good job writing that article he or she may well click on the link that you have been allowed to leave in the Bio of your article, and then taken to your website, where he or she might discover exactly what they are looking for, and you now have a sale, and a new customer.

When I say advertise with the article directories, this is not exactly what I mean, as you are not allowed to blatantly advertise your products and services. I know what you are thinking, wait a minute you just told me to advertise with the article directories, and now you are saying, that I´m not allowed to advertise with them so what do you mean then?

This is where the art of writing good articles comes into its own; you now have the chance to write a good informative article, based on the keywords that you used in your title, to get your targeted potential customers attention.

You also have the opportunity to hold his attention by writing upon the subject that he was searching for, and if you can at the same time answer his questions, and solve his problems, then you are half way there.

Can you see how this is working? I hope so because you also now have the benefit of having a valuable back link to your website, which in turn will eventually, mean more new customer visits.

Article directories tend to have very high rankings with the search engines, which in time will help your own rankings, so the more of this type of link that you can get the quicker your business will grow.

Not only that, but if you can get really good at article writing, there’s a good chance that other people  will want to use the article on their website or blog, they may even visit your site and subscribe to your RSS feed, all good advertising for you, resulting in more and more visitors for your website.

I hope that you have found this article informative and that you now can see how the art ofarticle writing and article marketing can help your business grow.

If you enjoyed this article and found that the information is useful, please feel free to share it, and also comment upon it.

Here´s to your success,


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