What Causes Sibling Rivalry

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It has been a big problem for parents to try to resolve sibling rivalry no matter how hard they try to treat them equally. Jealousy is often times the cause why siblings fight even over the simplest thing that they can think of.

Here are some tips to handle causes of sibling rivalry and help you deal with your kids easily.

  • Individuality – each kid is unique in their own way. They have their moods and personalities. They also have their own way of getting your attention. There are some kids who are clingy and more drawn to their parents, while there are some that are quite aloof and timid. You need to adjust your attention accordingly to avoid jealousy between your kids. If one is the hugging type, then try hugging them at the same time instead of just letting the other one look.

  • Special need – sometimes whether we like it or not a child might need more attention because he/she is ill. If this will be the case try asking the other kid to play as the doctor or the nurse of his brother or sister. Tag him/her along everytime you need to check or give medication to his/her sibling, this way he/she will slowly understand that you are not playing favorite.

  • Looking up to you – kids often see their parents as role model. So whatever parents do they can easily absorb it and put into action. Sometimes when they hear or see their parents shouting or slamming the door when they are fighting, they are likely to do it as well.

No matter how hard it is to try to deal with sibling rivalry it is always the best way to talk and explain to your kids how equally important they are to you and that you love them both.


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