Herbal Remedies For Indigestion

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Indigestion is a common health condition in any household. Yet, many people still lack the knowledge of how to properly treat this condition. There are several manufactured medicines available in most drug stores. However, most of them only provide temporary relief and when the effect wears off, the symptoms return.

What Is Indigestion?

To treat indigestion, you need to understand what causes it. Hence, you’d be able to prevent its recurrence.

Indigestion takes place when your digestive system finds it difficult to break down and assimilate food components within your body. It may also be caused by either increase or decrease of acids or enzymes in your abdomen.

There are several symptoms for indigestion or common digestive problems and they include: a burning sensation in your stomach, bloating, gas, belching, flatulence, nausea, or poor appetite.

Causes of Indigestion

When suffering from indigestion, it is not only painful, there is also the risk of further digestive problems. Because the condition basically affects your digestive system, it has to do with your choices of food and eating habits, specifically poor eating habits. To better understand, here are some of the common causes of indigestion:

– Excessive intake of processed, refined, or altered food. These types of foods contain ingredients that wear out and stress your internal organs.
– Fatty foods or those with excessive saturated fat content. Including these ingredients in your diet can slow down the digestive process.

The following are food types or beverages that will lead to digestive problems when taken in excess:

a. coffee
b. alcohol
c. cigarettes
d. carbonated beverages
e. unripe fruits
f. onions
g. cheese

Other factors that may not be directly related to your food intake but can lead to indigestion:

– eating too fast
– eating while stressed
– not chewing your food properly
– allergies and sensitivities to certain food
– drinking too much liquid alongside your meal, thus diluting the digestive fluid
– wrong combination of food types in your diet

Herbs for Digestive Relief

For safe and effective relief from indigestion, there are several natural herbs that can soothe your stomach. The advantage of using herbal remedies for your digestive problems is that you won’t need to worry about potential side effects and yet they are just as effective.

Plus, herbal remedies cost little to nothing. If you can find the type of herb you need for this condition, then you just need to make slight preparations so you can be on your way to finding relief from your digestion problems.

Again, here are common herbs to use:

Angelica – provides relief for spasms and flatulence
Caraway oil – useful when suffering from feeling of fullness on your stomach
Cinnamon – perfect for cases of gas, bloating, or cramping
Dandelion – provide relief for gas
Fennel – provide relief from belching and gas
Genitian – when you eat fatty meals, this herb can relieve any bloating or flatulence
Hops – suitable for digestive problems due to stress
Horehound – is perfect for gas
Ginger – effectively relieves belching and irritated stomach
Slippery elm – helps soothe your stomach

Manufactured Herbal Treatments

If you cannot find any of the listed herbs, you will be able to find them at your nearest health store. Herbal treatments that provide relief for your digestive problems are just as effective but very affordable.

There are specific herbal treatments available for your particular indigestion problems. These are just the common ones:

– Chamomile (available in tea or tablet form) – provides gas relief, anti-spasmodic, and anti-inflammatory
– Slippery elm (available in tea or tablet form) – not only provides current relief but also helps your stomach develop a protective coating
– Ginger (available in tea or tablet form) – reduces your stomach pain and bloating, while also relieving it from gas
– Aloe vera gel – this effectively soothes your stomach from pain

More Natural Tips for a Digestive Remedy

Regardless of how effective these herbal remedies are, if you do not take extra caution when it comes to your choices of food, indigestion or any related health conditions might become a common condition. More importantly, to further ensure safety, you need to consult with your physician before taking any herbal remedies.

Aside from your food intake, stress or pressure on your stomach are also referred to as common causes of indigestion. Hence, take a few minutes or hours each day for exercise such as biking, walking, or swimming.

Take note of the food types listed above and avoid them as much as you can. Although there are several available herbal treatments that you can find, preventing indigestion from occurring is still your best bet.


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