Rockstar Welcomes Liars And Cheats to Red Dead Redemption

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Recently, Rockstar hit out at cheats, exploiters and hackers in Red Dead Redemption, but next month, they are to be welcomed back into the fold. Due for release on 21stSeptember, Liars and Cheats is the next piece of downloadable content for Rockstar’s hit game.

According to an update on, Multiplayer poker and dice games will come with the 800-Microsoft Point/$9.99 PlayStation Network package. Also featured are a host of other additions:

  • Multiplayer horse races, featuring weapons of course

  • The explosive rifle, a devastating weapon with new challenges

  • 7 new gang hideouts, which promise high XP

  • 4 New Hunting Grounds, visible on the map for all to see, which promise action-packed hunting

  • Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode: Teams take turns in attack and defence in multi-tiered Competitive games.

  • Posse scoring and Leaderboards: Compare stats with other posses and compete to see who are the kings of the Free Roam frontier.

  • 15 new characters for multiplayer, based on characters from the single-player game – no details on who they’ll be though.

  • New challenges and trophies.

Overall, this seems to be a good amount of additional content – considering that Legends and killers was limited to new skins, maps and one weapon, we seem to be getting a lot more for our money. I’m not a huge fan of the poker or Liar’s Dice, but I gather fans often requested these minigames be made available for multiplayer. So they’re sure to be a hit. A new weapon is always fun, and “explosive” does sound amusing, provided the weapon is balanced. Since the previous new weapon, the Tomahawk, was only available on the maps that came with Legends and Killers and freeroam, will the explosive rifle be similarly limited to freeroam only? Even if it is, the addition of new gang hideouts mean there’ll be plenty of chances to try it out. The new Stronghold mode also sounds intriguing, and I look forward to new details on that becoming available.

 Overall then, Liars and Cheats certainly looks interesting. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting further news from Rockstar.

UPDATE: New screenshots show new character skins include: Marshall Johnson, John Marsden, Bonnie, Dutch, Edgar Ross, Irish, Professor MacDougal and Bill Williamson.

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