A Tale OF Two Masters

No man can serve two masters either he will hate one or have the others hold to one and despise the other; so goes world renowned saying from The Greatest One.
Who could have been these two masters? They are no other than these two spiritual entities. One is God and the other is mammon. The financial system and these things we see in paper form as notes and in coins called money are being governed by these two masters in the spirit realm.
One is good, kind and benevolent, so caring and loving. The other one is mean, wicked and callous. This mean one is so sadistic that he makes those who serve him to sweat, toil lie, cheat and even kill because of this thing called money and at the end of the day with little or noting to show for it.
This master called mammon creates two extremes of people who are lovers of money. The first extremes are those chases after it and caught nothing but wind and vanity but yet keep chasing after it and yet keep wallowing in abject poverty and squalor. The second extreme is, those who have it in immense quantity but turn it to their God and gloats over it. And in the process got obsessed with it and became so miserable that they begin to look elsewhere to either drugs, illicit sex, alcoholism, occultism, religious extremism(turning them to terrorists or suicide bombers) and any other vices to fill the miserable vacuum inside them despite the millions and billions of  dollars they sit atop.
One common denominator among these two extreme groups under the servitude of mammon, both the poor and rich, is worry and anxiety. The poor is worried and anxious about how he or she will get it to feed his family, pay his house rent, pay his bills and debts e.t.c. The one at the other end-‘the rich and wealthy’ is having sleepless nights on how to keep, secure and protect the ones he or she has accumulated and how to gather more. For either of them there is no peace or rest over this paperweight called money.
That was, and this is why the Great Master said to as many as would rather choose the first master-God; that they have no reason to worry nor be anxious about what to eat, where the children school fees will come from, where the money to pay bills will come from e.t.c because this Other Master is so caring, good, kindhearted and He already knows and anticipates their need before they come up. That is, He knows before hand and has made provision for them.For this First Master, it is ‘His blessings that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow unto it.’ Unlike the second wicked master-mammon-whose riches make their owners miserable and empty, with plenty of sorrow to match.
If only they will choose The First Master and place Him first indeed above all these mundane things, and seek the heavier and weightier matters of His interests, plans and purposes first., by giving Him first place in their lives and living as He wants them to live. Which is by living right, and upholding the tenets of TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE honesty and moral integrity. By giving Him their total allegiance and commitment, dedication and loyalty, come what may. Even putting their total and absolute trust in Him, loving Him and having no other god or godfather beside Him, to look unto or share His glory with. ‘ ..and all these things shall be added unto you.’

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