Items to Put in a Gift Basket For a Quilter

If you have a quilter or two on your list of gift recipients, whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, you can never go wrong by creating a gift basket containing an assortment of items that every quilter will use. A serious quilter usually has a sewing room with the sewing machine set up and boxes and bins containing fabrics, pins, needles and all colors of thread. The best choice for a basket for this purpose is a sewing basket into which you can place all the items you want to add. Decorate the basket with a large bow and attach the card.

Fat quarters are pieces of material in matching colors already cut into squares. They are readily available in fabric stores and in department stores that sell sewing supplies. A bundle or two of these pieces will be a welcome gift for a quilter who is always looking for new fabrics and pieces that can be cut into smaller shapes or used to finish off a project.

Quilters can always benefit from a gift of thread. Purchase large spindles of thread in a variety of colors. They only cost a few dollars each, so it won’t add a great deal to the cost of the gift basket. Choose various shades of the same color or using the color scheme from the fat quarters that you include, you can choose thread that matches the colors of the fabric.

Fusible web is an indispensable item for quilters. A quilter will place this product in between two layers or fabric and iron over the fabric so that the two layers are completely fused together and lay flat. This is the perfect tool for sewing placemats and table runners. You can purchase this in whatever quantity you wish – a few yards will suffice for a gift basket for a quilter.

Safety pins never go astray with quilters. They used them to keep the quilt layers together. They can be purchased in packages of 500. The same thing applies to straight pins. These are essential items that should definitely be included in the basket.

Quilters use marking pencils when completing projects as well. These are not regular marking pencils but ones specially designed for sewing. The marks wipe off the fabric, but are essential for helping quilters establish the cutting lines they need. They come in a variety of colors for use on different types of fabrics and color schemes.

A rotary cutter is another small item that you can add to the gift basket you want to create for the quilter on your list. Zip lock bags are very cheap and come in handy for storing small items. You can also add a few quilting magazines or even a subscription to an online site where new quilt blocks and templates are added monthly.

Surprise your favorite quilter with a gift basket and you are sure to receive some sort of quilting project in return when your birthday or special occasion comes around.

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