Invest Your Money Actively

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I think simply putting your money in savings account, or fixed deposits in banks is not the good idea to create wealth. Even though savings account or fixed deposits are safety, they are not the best home for your money.
Savings account earns you a mere 3.5% interest rate, a level that is fixed arbitrarily. On the other hand, fixed deposit contractually fixes the rate of return at the start date of your deposit. You cannot earn more than what you signed up for, even if interest rates in the markets were to rise.
Most of the people put their savings in banks just for 3-3.5% interest rate. Some of them put in fixed deposits. But, they failed to understand that both are highly inefficient investment options
for wealth creation.
Investment in shares, and mutual funds are more beneficial compared to bank savings and fixed deposits. Every investment instrument has pros and cons. In the same way investments in shares, and mutual funds also has own risks. Because, profit or returns for your investments depends on market risks.
There is a better chance of you being able to meet your long-term financial goals through equity mutual funds. Almost every one has one or the other goals like marriage, house purchase, taking care of children’s financial needs, funding their education and marriage for which they require a substantial amount of money in the future. Or, some one can be planned towards their own retirement. Past experience from all over the world has shown that only savings from salaries are not enough to fund these goals. So, for all these you may need to invest into the capital markets, subject to your risk taking capacity.
By investing in share market, and mutual funds you can take an advantage of the compounding of capital. I.e., money that creates more money, and it allows for the systematic accumulation of wealth.
More over, savings accounts and fixed deposits are highly tax inefficient. Interest you earn through these will be taxable, and you will be liable to pay tax on this income.
At the same time, by leaving your money in fixed deposits, you will loose the purchasing power of that money. If you are already wealthy then fixed deposits might be a good wealth preservation instrument.


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