Living Green Without a Laptop Computer

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Living Green Without a Laptop Computer

Living Green WITHOUT a Laptop Computer:

Recently I was becoming impatient, thinking when I will be able to buy my own laptop computer, so that when it’s my brother’s turn at the computer I would have a backup laptop computer to use, because sometimes I become in the mood to write even when away from the pc.

Anyways, I AM a budding writer – I should have my own laptop computer.

But as of now this is my usual condition when I don’t have the chance to use the pc at our living room: I would grab my old notebook and scribble the thoughts that come through my head. I don’t want to waste any spur of the moment writing ideas. So here I am going old school with the classic pen and paper. Jeez, when will I get my own laptop?

But then I realized, at least there’s something good about this. Doing manual writing wastes no electrical energy. I’m helping the environment! I’m using nothing but a pencil and some recycled paper. I’m saving Mother Nature and now I feel good about this. Maybe even when I’ve already bought my own laptop, I would still be using the old style of writing with a pen and paper to do good to our environment 🙂

More ways to save energy / How to Save Energy on Your Laptop:

1. Adjust or lower the brightness of your laptop or computer to conserve energy.

2. Do not leave your laptop or computer idle but powered on.

3. Use your laptop or computer only when you really need to use it.

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