Welcome to Your Awakening: The Beginning

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If you have made it far enough to seek out this article, then it is no coincidence. You will find this piece because you needed to find it, just as I wrote it because you asked for it to be written. That’s the way it works, to start. Your thoughts are energy (‘thought energy’) and when you think a thought, it follows the purpose you give it. So far, you have been sensing weird changes in your body, your environment, your mind set, your friends, your family, your whole life. Things have been changing so quickly, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically, but the changes are becoming more obvious. You might be scared, curious or just trying to confirm what you already know. No matter what the reason is, the fact of the matter is that you are here to reach the end, so that you can start the beginning….

So let’s try to start this out in the least complicated way, shall we?

What is an “Awakening”?

Just as the word declares, an awakening is when you “wake up”. Sounds weird right? As if you had been sleeping and needed to be woken up? Well… That’s exactly what it is. Near 70% of our current population is asleep. Some people call people who are still in this low energy trance like state, “zombies”, “sheeple” or “sleep walkers”. For now, we won’t go to much into sleep walkers, but I can asure you that once you’ve become more comfortable with your awakening, you will truly see the sleep walkers and it will strike you at how odd they seem, and how crazy it was that you used to be in that state.

When you “awaken”, it is the time when the trance leaves you and you are suddenly very aware of everything going on around you, in every way. It happens on a physical, mental and spiritual way. Every part of your being is suddenly opened up to the energies of the world in a way that they never were before. It is such a powerful experience, that many end up spending months alone, thinking something is wrong with them. In reality, this is what is known as “Awakening sickness”, and you could compare it to birth sickness, or coma sickness. Your senses have been closed off until this point, just as if you had been lying down in a dark cave for your whole life. You’ve never truly used your eyes, you’ve never truly used your mind, you’ve never actually used your muscles, or senses, or emotions or thoughts. Before this moment, all things that happened, seemed to be coming from an outside source, or just as random accidents. Until this moment, you’ve never truly seen the day, the sunset, the moon rise or the world. Sure, you’ve been in it, and you know that you have actually walked around and seen things and done things, but you have never explored the world from a truly awakened state. From here on out, everything will be brighter, more interesting, newer, more energetic, stronger, more curious, more balanced. It might seem frightening at first, only because your mind is still catching up with the awakening. The id fights to hold onto the sleepy past that it new, because it knew it well and it became comfortable. Something that seemed regular, seemed safe, and this awakening has shaken things up. That can be scary, before you have realized that it doesn’t have to be.

Change can be easy or rough. If you decide to move your couch from one place in the living room to another, it can be hard if you do it yourself. You might stub your toe, fall or break something in the room. Yet, if you get just a little help from a friend, or slip some pieces of cardboard under the corners of the couch, you can move it easily and the change will only take a minute and have minimul risky areas. Awakening is the same. If you hole up, if you stop searching, stop learning or stop caring, it will take you much longer to get acustomed to your new self and the world around you. Once you’ve been awakened, there is no going back to that sleepy zombie like state. You can either spend your time wishing that you could go back, or you can move forward. Which will it be?

Once you’ve had some time to become accustomed to the idea that you have been sleeping through your life until this point, then you might want to check out some of my other articles on the topic of Awakening, as well as the thousands of other articles available from people all over the world.

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