Loch Ness Story

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Today, the Loch Ness monster is famous round the world, but not, many people realize that the story about it started as long ago AS AD 565. The first report describe how St Columbia, a monk, punished Scotland’s most famous monster after it had attacked a man.

The story took place when Columbia was living at Fort Augusts at the southern end of the loch. One day Columbia asked one of his monks to swim across the loch and fetch a boat. The monk had heard people in the village talk about the monster but he wasn’t frightened. It was good day for a swim. Although it was very cold, the sun was shining and the water was calm. However, as he was crossing the loch he suddenly saw a strange creature. It was huge and had a long neck. He had not seen anything like it before. It was swimming not far away but didn’t seem to notice the monk at first. A few minutes later, it suddenly stopped and looked at the swimmer. Then it rushed towards him and opened its frightful mouth in a roar. The man was terrified. Columbia hurried down to the water’s edge, got into a boat and rowed out into a boat and rowed out into the not touch that man! GO! and ordered the monster not to attack again. The monster looked at Columbia for a moment, then turned and disappeared. The monster has not attacked anyone since. Indeed, for many years it was not seen in that part of the lake. Of course nowadays no one knows if the story is true, but reported sightings of Neisse continue to this day.


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