Alas, Apathy! (Or How The Constitution Died)

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Perchance to dream!

As this year draws to a close, and we see the disturbing things happening in the news concerning our government and our erosion of civil rights – whether legal or not, they are happening – we must think back on what this system was originally set up to do.

No, it was not set up to give the federal system power over the People, but rather to let the People have a say in the restraint of their government! Our system was designed to be loose, and unobtrusive – to steer the country when there was no other recourse, but instead, has grabbed the tiller from the People of this country, and has set a course towards rocky shores, surely knowing the danger of intrusion into our liberties.

Once, this nation had a dream, similar to the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., that all men are created equal, and that one day we would all stand free and not worry about the abuse of power on an individual. Alas, this utopian ideal was merely reached for, and never fully attained, and now, maybe never will be reached in its full fruition!

In the past several years, a course has been followed which will curtail the policies laid out in our Constitution – and groundwork has been laid setting the derailment of a free and open society into motion, while slowly acquiring power beyond its scope – the federal system – which will allow the government the ability to overreach its jurisdiction and plunge us into socialism!

This will cause us to fall into anarchy and the chaos will be used against us to stifle free speech and thought. This is a pernicious and deliberate attempt to circumvent the laws and our Constitution! As you can see from the news in places like the United Kingdom and even in our cities like Detroit, that Sharia law has attempted to abolish or supersede the laws following the Constitution – placing our legal system in jeopardy of collapse – and allowing a system of medieval laws to have precedence!

Are we insane? Have we been drinking the kool-aid of socialism to the point of believing all the lies in it are good for us? Yes, sadly, some of us have kept our blinders on as our leaders subjected us to changes which are illegal and unethical – and which are in total opposition to our way of life!

We must wake up – and we must restore order and sanity to the Republic, and stop the barbarians at the gates, or America will change (have we heard this mantra before?), and the change will be oppressive and evil! We must not stand still and allow this to happen with a whimper – but rather never go gently into that night as we fight against tyranny in places at home and abroad.

Perchance to dream, but at least wake up and keep the dream!


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