Exercise And Fitness – If Working Out Your Target Areas Doesnt Work

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Exercise and Fitness – If Working Out Your Target Areas Doesnt Work

Working out my target areas didn’t work – at first. Here’s what I did.

Several years ago I started taking up exercise, most specifically weight training to work out my muscles. I was so skinny and decided I needed to build the muscles of my body. My weight lifting paid off and I was no longer an underweight.

But while there were good things about having my exercise routine, there were also frustrations. My chest was still flat and my arms looked bulky. And while I’m not in the advantage of hiring an expert but expensive personal trainer, I still want to be able to do something about my target areas. So there’s no sitting around for me.

I can’t remain discouraged. So I started thinking – What do you do if working out your target areas doesn’t work? If the direct attack doesn’t work then what do you do? Hmm… Maybe working around the whole thing does it. This trick has got to work. Anyways I’ll try, instead of not doing anything.

So I started working out the body parts around my target areas. To make my chest look bigger, I made my waist look smaller. See the illusion trick? It works! And about my arms, I realized that what actually makes my arms curvy midway is my shoulders – my shoulders were too narrow that it pulls the topmost part of my arms inwards while making the mid-part down of my arms curve outwards. Logically, the solution might just be to make my shoulders broader – broad enough to make my arms just hang relaxed and loose and straight below. And it is just the solution I was looking for!

I researched exercises to build the shoulders and bulls-eye, several months later my arms look leaning in proportion to my widened shoulder section. Luck and hard work, I was satisfied.

Looking back, I almost gave up the idea that my arms would ever look sexy. But thanks to my persistent, or rather stubborn attitude LOL. I just didn’t want to give up, and I’m glad I didn’t. Maybe you shouldn’t too.

When it comes to working out, I learned this is all you got to do – Just keep going and you’ll get the body you deserve. Lesson learned: Don’t give up. Just thought I’d share this with you 🙂

(c) Ae Dechavez

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