World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) Mage!!! Hazaa!!!

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Welcome mage and magettes! Hope your prepared for what Cztaclysm has in store for you! First of all you should know about the talent changes to all classes. You now only recieve talent points every other level. You also must put 31 points in a talent tree before you can place any points in another tree. Talent trees do get a perk however. You now get mastery for putting points in a talent tree which gives you a boost depending on your spec. Arcane: Spell damage, Spell Haste, and Mana Adept (increases damage the more of your total mana you have). Fire: Spell damage, Spell crit., and Ignite. Frost: Spell damage, Spell crit. damage, and Deathfrost. Now I will tell you mages about your exciting new spells. At 81 you get “Flame Orb” where you send a orb in a straight line forward that damages enemies it passes. At 83 you get “Time Warp” which grants a passive haste boost and temporarily increases the mages movement speed. At 85 you get “Wall of Fog” which creates a 30 yd. wall that snares and damages enemies. It lasts 10 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown. Blizzard is doing Mages a favor and are removing some of the Mages more useless spells. Blizzard is also making “Arcane Missles” a proc-based spell. Well that sums up the Mage. Please read my other class changing articles. Thanks for reading =).



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