5 Things Employees Do at Work That They Should Be Doing at Home Too

Some employees do a better job with keeping their bosses happy then they do their own families.  Of course, money is these workers primary motivation.  The dedicated worker knows how to effectively get the job done at work and reap the benefits.  However, for some of these workers, if their home life held any merit they would have been fired a long time ago.  From a sloppy household to frequent debates with a spouse about everything imaginable, it’s any wonder the issues at home have yet to surface at work.  So what are some of these dedicated workers doing at their places of employment that they aren’t doing at home?

1.  They are friendly.

When it comes to seeing co-workers, the friendly worker is usually in a good mood and will take the time to ask, “How are you?  How was your weekend?”  He or she is also very careful to say, “please” and “thank you” to his or her co-workers.  But when at home, the worker is usually not so positive, have very little to say and may even be rude to his or her family. 

2.  They compliment co-workers.

A new wardrobe, hairstyle, or a unique looking accessory decorates that attractive looking co-worker’s body and observers take notice with a flurry of compliments.  However, when at home, the worker barely notices what is going on with his or her partner and/or children.  Sometimes family members have to do or say something out of the ordinary to get noticed by the breadwinner who no longer seems to be interested in them.  An attention starved family may become a problem overnight such as: a once loyal spouse may start cheating, a former honors student may begin misbehaving regularly, or even a quiet pet will become annoying.

3.  They listen to others’ problems.

These attentive workers can listen for hours to the boss and co-workers talk about everything from the company’s budget to a restaurant they visited during lunch.  Yet, when some of these workers return home to their families nightly, they don’t have too much ear left to listen to yet another story which leaves their relatives feeling irritated or worse unloved.

4.  They handle most tasks promptly.

The boss rarely has to ask his or her worker twice where something is, did the worker handle a task, or was a client called back.  Unfortunately, when the detailed-oriented worker is amongst family, his or her relatives have to frequently ask, “Did you do…?  Could you help me with…?” 

5.  They manage their time well.

When at work, the impressive worker is great at scheduling his or her tasks and completing them in a timely fashion.  Yet, when the worker is at home, he or she often forgets important things, fails to make time for his or her partner and/or children, and often doesn’t keep promises.

Workers must realize that family is just as important if not more than a job.  When one notices that he or she is treating co-workers better than his or her own family, it’s time to wake up.  There is a long history of broken, divorced men and women who lost their families, because they loved their jobs more–don’t be one of them.

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