Diet Tips For Diabetics

The basics

The basics of dieting for diabetics are watching how many carbohydrates you consume.  Carbohydrates can spike blood sugar levels.  Wheat contains a lot of carbohydrates and should be consumed sparingly.  Another tip, consuming something that contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrates first thing in the morning can cause your blood sugar levels to be unstable for the rest of the day.

Eat more protein-rich food

Diabetics should eat a lot of protein because that can help stabilize blood sugar levels.  Eat protein filled foods in the morning and before bed.  This way the protein in the morning can help stabilize sugar levels all day and protein consumed at night can help stabilize blood sugar levels while you sleep.  Food high in protein can be anything from meat and poultry to yogurt. Have a sausage patty with an egg in the morning and some peanuts or yogurt before bed.  If you have the urge for something sweet, there are diabetic-friendly candies and cereals that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Use a sugar substitute

If you use sugar in your coffee every morning, switch to sugar substitutes. Sugar substitutes have little or no substance that would raise blood sugar levels.  Using sugar substitutes in your favorite baking recipes and in your coffee can help reduce spiking in blood sugars.

Eat less, more frequently

Eating smaller meals more frequently has been proven to keep blood sugar levels under more control.  Eating too much food three times a day can cause dangerous fluctuations in blood sugar levels.  These intervals of food and then no food can cause a shock to your system that can cause you to feel fatigue.   It is suggested that you eat five small meals a day to maintain a more stable blood sugar.

Consume more water

Cut down on soda and drink more water.  It is not good to drink so much soda everyday because soda contains sodium.  Sodium can cause blood pressure to rise and that is something that someone with diabetes should watch.  Drinking more water would filter out your system and may even give you more energy to do some physical activities.

Portion control

One of the most important things to consider when dealing with diabetes is portion control.  Instead of using a plate, use a saucer.  This will seem like there is more on your saucer than there really is. Another way to trick the mind is to chew your food longer.  It will give the sense of fullness by the time you’re done eating because you have had the time to digest. Eating a massive amount of food can cause blood sugar to rise quickly.  Eat longer with a small portion, that way your body has time to catch up with the carbohydrates to release insulin.

Take control!

Diabetes is a disease that you need to take control of now.  If left untreated, it could cause future troubles on your body that dieting cannot help.  Following these simple guidelines for a long time can stabilize your blood sugar levels.  Diabetes may make it harder to lose weight, but with dedication and determination to follow this advice, you will feel better in no time.


There are many complications that can come with diabetes, if blood sugar levels are poorly maintained.  Eye, foot, and psychological complications can impact your quality of life.  Take action to prevent further damage to your body by keeping communication open with your doctor and doing all you can to prevent the progression of diabetes.

This guide is just for informational purposes and you should seek professional medical advice from your family doctor or endocrinologist.

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