World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) Warlock!!! XD

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My favorite class, the Warlock =). You Warlocks should be excited for Cataclysm. For starters Warlocks now get Green Fire!!! Your fire spells will now be green. Another big change deals with those annoying soul shards =P. They are no longer items. They now appear like the death knight’s runes. You are allowed 3 a fight. Finally Warlocks get more bag space. Yet another large change is that curse of agony and curse of doom are changed to bane of agony and bane of doom. This is because Locks can put 1 curse and 1 bane on enemies. Now to the Warlocks new lvl 81-85. At 81 they get “Fel Flame” which is a quick shadowflame attack. Once they hit 83 they get “Dark Intent” that increases DoT and heals crit. chance by 3% and when they crit. the Lock gets a damage buff for 10 seconds. At 85 they recieve “Demon Soul” That grants the Warlock a boost depending on their demon. In the talent trees you now have to put 31 points in a talent before you can put a talent point in another tree. You also only recieve a talent point every other lvl. You do however get a bonus depending on your spec. Affliction: Spell damage, Spell crit., and Shadow DoTs damage increase. Demonology: Spell damage, Spell haste, and Demon damage. Demonology: Spell damage, Spell crit. damage, and Fire direct damage. That concludes this segment on Warlocks. Please read my other class changes articles. Thanks for reading =)



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