Terran SC 2Multiplayer Battle.net Tips

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Now that the the new RTS game is out, Terran SC 2 multiplayer contestants on Battle.net have done quite well. The race has many different counters for anything their opponents can throw at them.

While the game has made the Terran perhaps the most new player-friendly race in the game, there are still a ton of mistakes that Terran players seem to make all the time over the course of games on Battle.net.

But if you can cut down on your mistakes and play more efficiently, the wins will come and attaining higher division ranks will be easily possible for many players as there are still a ton o them who are learning how to play the game at this stage.

With than it mind, here are some Starcraft 2 Terran tips for the multiplayer aspect of the game:

Tip #1- Don’t turtle

There is a big difference between putting good defenses up and going into full-on turtle mode. Just because you have siege tanks on the ledges and bunkers and supply depots blocking your entrance doesn’t mean you’re completely safe.

You still need to actively scout and harass your opponents as much as you can while still keeping your economy and building up at your base back home.

Utilize drops, fast units like reapers or hellions, and other techniques to make sure you extend your reach beyond your own base or you’ll end up being overwhelmed no matter how good your defenses are in your main base.

Tip#2- Send SCV’s into combat

Starcraft 2 Terran players need to be sure they make the most of all their units’ beneficial abilities and SCV’s have a ton of them.

They can repair tanks and Thors and other machines in combat and they can even build bunkers and turrets in a pinch out in the field when you’re about to attack or in the middle of an attack. Always have a few on hand in a big attack because they can turn the tide of the battle in multiplayer games online in Starcraft 2.

Tip#3- Get orbital commands up

Use orbital commands at your command centers and get them up as soon as possible. Mules are key for your economy and well worth it as they will pay for for the orbital command in a hurry. Scanning the opponent’s base early is also a boon for your game strategy and picking the right units. These are much more valuable than planetary fortresses, which are mainly used for defending expansions when you have no other troops.

Tip#4- Build Orders

Check out websites like Gamefaqs.com and TeamLiquid.net’s forums for build orders to deal with different races and maps that you will encounter in Starcraft 2.

If you have a tried-and-tested build order you’ll have a more efficient opening so that you can branch off into the technology you need to take out your opponents or react to what they throw at you. Sometimes you want extra barracks, sometimes factories, and sometimes the well known 1-1-1 build of barracks/factory/starport.

Use these SC 2 Terran Multiplayer Battle.net game Tips and you’ll have a better shot of becoming a competitive player
in the new game.


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