Winter's Chill/autumn Comes to End

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Winter’s Chill

This is nature poetry that will describe the cold winter season.

There is a slight chill in the air.

The clouds above are slightly fair,

and through them comes the dim glare,

of the sun.

Nature’s journey will soon begin,

to ride upon the winter wind.

In their homes squirrels hide within,

their young they protect and tend,

from the cold winter wind.

The mist of rain slowly falls,

far away a hoot owl calls.

On the ground little ants crawl,

making their long winter haul.

Tree branches are naked and bare,

not one bird will sit there.

Wildlife rushes to prepare,

the winter wind does not care.

Autumn Comes to End

This is nature poetry describing the season of autumn coming to an end. It tells about winter creeping in and taking over.

The season of autumn cries it’s last call,

the last of the autumn leaves fall.

A morning mist of dew covers the ground,

a woodpecker pecking echoes it’s sound.

A new season will soon begin,

that will be the last of the autumn wind.

Winter soon knocks at the door,

sparrows singing we hear no more.

The dawn paints an amber sky,

and autumn is dominated by,

the cold winter wind’s freezing cry.


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