Monitoring your electricity usage?

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Have you ever wondered how much electricity an appliance or device uses. Take a closer look and see where your money is going.

In these tough times every penny counts, one area that is worth looking into is your electric usage. By understanding what devices use what amount of electricity and therefore money consumption, you can look at controlling your expenditure.

Many Devices will give out a phantom charge, so basically they are costing you money for sitting there any doing nothing. Its simple to monitor this usage with the right tools. As with all new knowledge, once you fully understand exactly where your money is going you can control what you want to use at what times and for how long.

There are many devices on the market for usage monitoring, check the follow article for more information.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Dont forget to chart down all the appliances in your home, keep a list of their energy usage. This can be used when you get your next electric bill. On the bill will be the price of electricity per KwH.  Typically the price of electricity is tiered, so as the more you use the more it will cost. If you can reduce your usage to below the ‘averege’ you have the potentional to save a good chunk of money.


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