Halloween Homemade Ideas For Costumes in 2010

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All Hallow’s Eve is getting more and more popular every single year, and Halloween homemade costume ideas are becoming more and more valuable for those who want to create a unique get-up to stand out at parties this year.

While the store-bought costumes and the old standbys such as witches, ninjas, celebrities, pirates, and many others are popular and always will be, adding your own touch to a costume or making your own usually lead to prize-winning outfits come October 31 when Halloween is celebrated.

Different household items and clothing ideas can be utilized in different ways to create an amazing costume for little money, but you have to be crafty about obtaining these items. Here are some tips for Halloween homemade costumes this year and how to get what you need.

Tip#1: A Little Help From Your Friends

Do you have a friend who is a cop, or a firefighter, or has some other profession that would possess interesting items for use in a costume?

Give them a call. Or you could even call just a friend of yours who has a lot of clothes and go check out what they have in their closet. You never know when the inspiration might strike for a new, unique costume idea for Halloween. Many of the best costume ideas come about by accident for Halloween.

Tip#2: Thrift Stores

The Salvation Army and similar places have a wide variety of random clothes and other items you could take a look at. This is an important Halloween homemade costume tip to remember not just for the sake of your costume idea but also because it will allow you to help the less fortunate when shopping this October for your new look.

Tip#3: Craft Stores

Some people don’t bother to look in craft stores but they can be home to lots of ideas for Halloween. You can take the ideas from a craft store and extend them into your costume-buying experience and you also might be able to find cloth and other raw materials to make your costume from.

Tip#4 Your Own Closet

Everyone has a graduation gown or an old wedding dress or a broom handle to be used as an accessory or other assorted items laying around the bedroom or attic.

This may seem like a simple Halloween homemade costume idea but many people seem to have a hard time remembering it each year and end up buying the same items they already have at home.


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