Is Country Living or City Living Better?

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Having lived in both the city and the country I would definitely say that country living is much better for me and my children. Granted many would say that living in the country keeps us from having the modern conveniences of a store around the corner, but I like that personally. I can have my pets, my garden and my flowers without worrying about someone else being upset by any of it. There is no rush of traffic past my windows when I try to sleep, and the creek across the road makes a wonderful spirit soother. My kids can run from sun up to sundown and burn some of the energy kids tend to have every day. They get to help in the garden and watch the beauty of nature at it’s best. The country life is full of opportunities for learning, playing and just relaxing.
Whether you run a farm with livestock or simply have friends that do, the ability to get up close and personal with the animals who many times end up in pots can do a lot for a child. They can learn the life process in whatever form it arrives. Be it by egg laying, pollination, or animal husbandry many of the questions we fear from our children can be answered much easier in the country. Life, death, growth and change are illustrated perfectly in the open areas of the country, everyday.
My kids have learned lessons about stars and seasonal changes from our own front yard. Dirt and bugs are normal pets along with the occasional cat and dog. They have learned empathy, compassion, and loss through the raising of a pet. We have taught them to relish the quiet of the day, a run through a sprinkler and the simply joy in chewing on a long blade of sweet grass. Nature walks, outdoor picnics, and family get togethers where everyone has elbow room are run of the mill in the country.
When one neighbor is down the others pitch in, we take it beyond borrowing a cup of sugar. We go the extra mile, there is no such thing as not enough bounty to share with your friend. I have watched them grow in the sun and air that we get out here. I have seen their illnesses they kept in the closeness of the city go from every other week to every 6 months. It is just different here. It is more laid back and yet harder working. Friendlier, yet fiercely loyal. Quieter and yet noisy in good way. We don’t have street lights but we have fireflies and open sky. We don’t have noise ordinances but we have loud tractors. We don’t have push mowers, we have bush hogs and lawn tractors. We don’t have the lull of a busy street, we have the lullaby of the crickets and bullfrogs at the creek bank. We don’t have city playgrounds, we have tire swings and tree houses.
This is the country, where no one is turned away, or looked down upon for dirty hands. Although we might question your farming ability if you don’t have dirt under your fingernails, but we won’t hold it against you.


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