World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) Druid!!!

So here we are druids, another expansion. Let’s just see how long your Overpoweredness will last…I will start this article off with the druids new lvl 81-85 attacks. At 81 druids get “Thrash” which does damage and makes nearby enemies bleed. At 83 they get “Stampeding Roar” which increases nearby ally speed by 40% for 8 seconds (like a bull ride =) ). Once they finally hit 85 they get “Wild Mushroom”. They plant a mushroom that turns invisable in 4 seconds then acting as a land mine that explodes when an enemy steps on it. Druids will soon give a new meaning to “trippin on shrooms” ;). Now in the talent tree you will now have to put 31 points down a single tree before you can put points down another. This is harder to do since you now only get a talent point every other lvl. That is why all the talent trees have been nerfed =P. Now you get rewarded for how many points you put down a single tree with “Mastery”. Depending on your spec depends on what mastery gives you. Balance: Spell damage, Spell haste, Eclipse. Feral (CAT): Meelee damage, Meelee crit., and Bleed damage. Feral (BEAR): Damage reduction, Vengence, and Savage Defense. Restoration: Healing, Meditation, and HoT scale healing. A huge change for restoration druids is the need to rely on “Tree of Life”. You will no longer need to rely on it to heal as much as other healers (thats right druids, no more having to look like rotten broccoli). Now Tree of Life will be like the Warlock’s “Metamorphisis” having a duration and cooldown allowing you to be a temporary “Super Healer”. That concludes this segment on the Druid. Please read my other class change articles. Thanks for reading =)



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