Can Marriage Work From Prison?

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When I met my husband I knew he was a bad boy.Trouble would soon follow and sure enough it did. So after 7 months of marriage he had to go away for 4 years. I actually convinced myself that I could go on for 4 years without any passion,romance,lonely Valentine’s day the whole boot. Well I was wrong. After 15 months I met a man that was opposite of my husband. My husband was a hard party guy who often cheated. So when I thought about those nights he didn’t come home I allowed myself so much needed fun. This new guy isn’t marriage material but we’ve been together for 2 years.Now when my husband calls and I can’t answer he is very angry when he talks to me.Control factor I believe. This new guy knows everything and has been so patient,more than my husband could ever be.In a year he will be released. I’m not ready emotionally,thinking of old arguements, wondering if he really changed.It amazes me how when someone is in prison they’re this changed person. I’m not sure if my husband has really changed but honestly I had my fun while he was away and I know he would have done the same.


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