Amazing Grilled Cheeseburger Recipe

I’m not going to give you exact amounts, those are for suckers.  Good griiling comes from creativity and care.  I will try to give you an idea of how much to use but I encourage you to screw around with it

Here’s what you need: 

Beef – As much as you think you need.  I suggest you mold them into about 1/2 pound patties, that’s about ideal in terms of how it’s going to cook.

Onion – I suggest vidalia or white, but it doesn’t matter too much.  Dice up enough onion for all your patties, make sure dice it as small as you can.

Banana Pepper – Dice this up same as the onions.  Try to keep your ratio of onion-to-pepper close to 1:1.  I usually end up with a little over 1/2 tbsp of combined peppers and onions per burger.

Shredded Mozerella Cheese – about a tbsp in each 1/2 pound patty.

Some Suggested Seasonings – Garlic powder, Onion salt, seasoning salt, table salt, pepper, sugar, mesquite, crushed red pepper, oregano.  You can play around with this a lot but I highly recommend you not leave out the sugar.  It has a really nice effect on beef.

When you’re ready to go, mix all that up.  You want to be careful doing this, as over-handling the meat can rob you of tenderness and transfers all that grease to your hands.  Rinse your hands with cold water before you mix as well because the colder you keep everything, the more grease will stay with the meat.  \

Form into patties a little bit wider than your buns.  And remember that you’re making a classy burger, which deserves a classy bun.  You want a decent roll with some sesame seeds ideally.

Now to grill it, if you’re using a gas grill , keep the heat low and put the burgers on the 2nd rack.  When the bottom looks nice and done, flip it over.  A lot of people say never to flip your burger more than once.  These people are quoting a rule they heard, not giving actual advice.  Feel free to flip your burger as many times as you want to make sure you cook it right.  It will not effect the moisture, texture, or flavor of the burger, but it will help an inexperienced cook learn while not sacrifising anything for the lesson.

You should be able to gauge when you have about 5 minutes left.  At this point, throw on some cheese (for this burger I highly recommend a slice of provolone or swiss, I use both) and in 5 minutes, you’ve got yourself what amounts to a giant American Meatball, and it is deliscious.

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