Five Reasons Why You Shouldnt Pay For an Antivirus

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5 Reason you don’t need to pay for an antivirus

  • There is free antivirus software so no need to pay for it

  • Free software is just as good as paid because the manufacturers most of the time sell paid versions but both use the same signatures to find malignant software so both are equally effective
  • Free software doesnt slow your computer down even remotely as much as paid antivirus software

  • Paid antivirus software slows down your computer because its bloated with many useless things

  • There are certain things an antivirus cant remove so you need a “free” specialized solution in order to remove it, something the 50$ you paid doesnt cover

  • Paid Antivirus software is to expensive 50$ up to 80$ and you are just paying to be able to update the signatures for 1 year or 2

The top free antivirus solutions are Avast Antivirus & AVG. They are so good they have won awards for excellence

If you have an older computer AVG is best for you as it is lightweight and fast on older computer

If you have a newer faster computer

Avast is right for you


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