World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) Paladin!!! =D

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So are you ready for the all cheep, needing to be nerfed Paladin!!! The Paladin has always been a GREAT class since it can Tank, Heal, and Dps. Many other classes want the Paladin to be nerfed…well they are outta luck! The Paladin was evened out a bit with the other classes but I still believe it will come out on top. It now gets Crusader Strike, no matter your spec (sorry retribution). Another big change is that flash of light costs a lot more mana since it is such a fast heal. In the talent tree you now have to put 31 points in a single tree before you can put points into another tree. 31 points doesn’t seem so bad I mean thats only lvl 41…WRONG! You now only get a talent point every OTHER lvl =(. All talent trees have been nerfed because of this =(. This doesn’t come without it’s perks however. Now you recieve Mastery by putting points into a single tree. Mastery does different things for each spec. Holy: Healing increased, Meditation (spirit to mana), and Critical healing increased. Protection: Damage reduction, Vengence, and Block amount increased. Retribution: Meelee damage increased, Meelee crit. increased, Holy damage increased. So lets now move on into the Paladin lvl 81-85 abilities. At lvl 81 you get “Blinding shield” which blinds nearby enemies and does damage. At 83 you get “Healing Hands” which makes you radiate small heals (like a totem). At 85 you get “Guardian of Ancient Kings” which summons a “angel-like” creature to help you. If your holy it heals, protection reduces damage, and retribution damages. Well that concludes this segment on the paladin. Please read my other class changes and thanks for reading =).



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