Having a Fall Garden

In the fall people usually forget about gardening, thinking it is out of season, but actually there are several plants, flowers and shrubs that can be planted. You can have a beautiful garden in the fall. Here are a few varieties of plants that can make your garden continue to look glow.

The Hydrangea Paniculata is a wonderful plant to have in the fall and especially if you live in cooler areas, they are easy to plant and easy maintain, they are great for beginning gardeners too. They bloom from new growth so there is no need for pruning. There are several choices of these plants some are:

The Swan. This plant has beautiful flowers that reach to about 3 inches in size and branches that have a cascading nature.

The Limelight. These plants create blooms that come out later in the summer and have flowers of whites, pinks and mauves and will continue to grow up into late fall. The Limelight will reach a height of 6 to 8 feet, these plants can always be pruned to whatever size is required and is wonderful for fresh or cut flowers.

Quick Fire. These have beautiful red fall color flowers and has the deepest pinkish red of any other Hydrangea plant.

Shrubs can also be beautiful in the fall, not only do trees have the gorgeous fall colors of the yellows, oranges and reds, but many shrubs can bring out these colors too.

The Black Lace Sambucus shrub. Awesome colors of blackish to deep purple leaves they are similar to the Japanese maples shrub but the Black Lace shrub will be a lot cheaper. They can reach 6 to 8 feet in height, Black Lace can be pruned back if desired.

Little Henry Itea. This is a dwarf sized shrub that is beautiful from the beginning of Spring up until late fall. In spring the flower are gorgeous white cascading blooms and in the fall the leaves turn that of a fiery red. The shrub will reach about 24 inches tall and will do good either in shade or sun.

This is just a few of the many variety of plants that can be planted to have a gorgeous fall and winter garden. You can find these in the Spring time, they might not bloom but be patient by fall you will be glad you found them.

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