World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) Warrior!!!

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So you are interested in how the warrior will change in cataclysm, well look no further! So with every Cataclysm class you now get a talent point every other lvl so all talent trees have been nerfed =(. You also have to put 31 points down a talent tree before you can put points into another tree. There is a good side to talent trees however. The more points you have in a tree, the more mastery you get. Mastery improves a set of skills given to each talent tree. For warriors you get: Fury- Meelee damage, Meelee haste, and Enrage intensity Arms- Meelee damage, Armor penetration, and Bonus swing Protection- Damage reduction, Vengence, and Critical block chance. This way it makes putting more talent points in a single tree much more rewarding. Now you are probably wondering what new attacks do warriors get. At lvl 81 they get “inner rage” which is a passive ability that when a warrior has 100 rage they gain +15% damage and attacks take +50% rage. At lvl 83 they get “Gushing wound” this applies a bleed effect to the target that does damage over time and if they move it refreshes and stacks (up to 3 stacks). At lvl 85 warriors get “Heroic Leap” whicj allows you to leap at the tarhet and apply the thunderclap ability. Something else that has changed is the “next attack” effect. Im guessing blizzard will make those attacks instant but blizzard hasn’t said yet. Thats it for the warriors so thanks for reading and please check out some of my other class change articles =)



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