Former Stars of The Girls Next Door: Where Are They Now?

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Holly Madison is currently starring in “Holly’s World,” a show focusing on her life in Las Vegas. The show features Holly and a few of her friends. The show recently completed its first season. The show features silly moments, lincluding a scene where Holly gifts her friend and personal assistant Angel Porrino with the funding to get breast implants. The show also features Holly’s friends Laura Croft and Josh Strickland. The show maintained high viewership throughout its first season, which is a testament to Holly’s star power.

After she parted ways with Hugh Hefner, Holly dated Criss Angel during an ill-fated relationship. She now seems to be doing much better, and is enjoying fame as the lead in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Peep Show. Holly can also be seen in the IT BOYS! End of the World music video, and is working on her own clothing line.

Before permanantly splitting from Hef, Bridget Marquardt filmed the show “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches” for the Travel Channel, which was a bust and only lasted one season. She is currently in talks with the E! Network to create a show based on her life and relationship with boyfriend Nicholas Carpenter. Need more of Ms. Marquardt now? Bridget can be seen on episodes of “Kendra” and “Holly’s World.”

Bridget is still currently legally married to husband Chad Christopher Marquardt, although they split amicably before Bridget began dating Mr. Hefner. A friendly divorce could be imminent due to her escalating relationship with Nicholas Carpenter. Bridget makes many publicity appearances, and stays prominent on the social scene in this manner. Bridget was recently seen in the September 2010 issue of Playboy.

Kendra Wilkinson, now Kendra Baskett, married Hank Baskett and had a baby, Hank Jr. Her life is being documented in the television show “Kendra,” which premiered with a record number of viewers. While Kendra’s life seems great, she’s currently facing a sex tape scandal that has been rumored to be threatening her marriage. Former co-girlfriend Bridget Marquardt noted that Kendra took the sex tape scandal pretty badly, even cutting her out of her life when the tape surfaced.

Kendra is currently focusing on being a mom, and is raising her adorable son. Kendra and her husband plan to move to the Philadelphia area in the near future so her husband can play football for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, with their co-girlfriend Crystal Harris, were briefly shown as Hef’s girlfriends in season six of “The Girls Next Door.” Unfortunately, they were unable to carry the show in the way that Holly, Bridget and Kendra could, and due to lack of viewers, the show saw an untimely end. Following the show’s conclusion, the Shannon twins called with quits with Hef and moved into the bunny house, next door to the Playboy mansion. However, they were asked to leave when they dated men other than Hef himself.

Currently, rumors are swirling that Karissa Shannon was a part of the Heidi Montag sex tape. Karissa has confirmed that she and Heidi filmed a sex tape, but it was never meant to be publically shown. She claims Spencer accidentally took the camera with the footage, so he has no right to the tape, since the camera isn’t his. Karissa claims that she does not want the sex tape released, however, she’s certainly speaking pretty publically about its existence. Karissa is reportedly dating actor Sam Jones III.

The Shannon twins, who boast arrest records and reportedly acted on “The Girls Next Door” for fame and fun, rather than romance with Hef, plan to release a tell-all book about life at the Playboy Mansion. Kendra Wilkinson Baskett notes openly that she does not support the tell-all book endeavor, stating that the Shannon twins did not live in the mansion long enough to appreciate it.

Note: If you’re looking for a great book about life in the Playboy mansion, read “Playground” by Jennifer Saginor. “Playground”, written by the talented and tormented Ms. Jennifer Saginor, details life in the Playboy mansion before it got cleaner for the television cameras in recent years. Want to hear about drugs, sex, and madness? “Playground” is a must read.

Crystal Harris is now Hugh Hefner’s one and only girlfriend, and Hef has discussed the possibility of marrying Crystal. This must be a devastating blow to Holly Madison, who has openly stated her ambition to marry Hef and have children with him. Hef is no longer married married to ex-wife Kimberly Conrad, the mother of two of his chidren, so his marriage to Crystal is possible!

If you want to see more of Hugh Hefner and his lifestyle, E! aired a pilot episode of “The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House,” which is the only installment of the series that is actually about the girls next door to the Playboy mansion: the girls living inside of the bunny house. This “Girls Next Door” special may be picked up as a full-time series, but a decision has not yet been announced.


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