World of Warcraft (Cataclysm)

I am excited for Cataclysm like most ppl. Like the other expansions it will cost you 40 dollars. There are many things being introduced in Cataclysm (read some of my other articles I will be writing shortly on class changes for the Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Death Knight, Hunter, Druid, and Shamen). For starters, as we all have heard, the Goblins (horde) and Worgen (alliance) are being introduced. Now although the Goblins are on the horde side the Goblins in places such as Gadgetzan are still going to be passive. Now the Worgen are unique for you alliance, who are finally getting a cool race (Im a horde man myself). When you make a Worgen you actually start off as a human. In your beginning quest line you get transformed into a Worgen (I will leave that a surprise for you). Another thing being introduced is Archiology (im sure I slaughtered that word). Don’t be expecting anything big from this. As Im sure you know (unless your a noob) the lvl cap has been raised to 85. Personally I think Blizzard is going up by raising the cap 5 lvls to squeeze more money out of World of Warcraft. Yet another thing being introduced in Cataclysm is the guild leveling system. This is still under work so I am not exactly sure as to what Blizzard is doing with it. Anyhow thats it for this article so be sure to read some of my other Cataclysm articles and thanks for reading.

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