JV Attraction Formula – Motivate Your Affiliates To Sell More!

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A big challenge when managing an affiliate program is trying to attract successful affiliates and JV Partners who are motivated to promote your products and services. Using a JV Attraction Formula can help with this.

Many affiliate managers struggle to persuade top affiliates and established JV Partners to join their program. One of the key reasons for this reluctance to sign-up of a particular program is the lack of a systemized formula to guide the affiliate through the process.

Incorporating the following 7 steps into your affiliate program will help to both attract affiliates and also motivate them to promote your products and services:

1. Firstly, create a JV Attraction page that pulls them into your funnel.

2. The second step is to send them a welcome email. This is a critical aspect of the process because it acts as a guide that introduces them to other areas of the affiliate system.

3. Include a JV Control Center that acts as a hub which provides the member with vital statistics that measure the performance of their marketing efforts.

4. Another key area that you should incorporate into your program is a JV Blog that you can leverage to communicate important information to your affiliates.

5. Don’t forget the importance of training your members. This process can be easily automated through the use of a series of valuable tips and effective strategies loaded into an autoresponder.

6. It’s also advised that you provide your members with a Support System to direct any questions that your affiliates may need solving.

7. Finally, one of the most powerful strategies that you can incorporate into your affiliate program is a JV Recognition and Reward scheme. If you can motivate your members to promote your products and services your chances of success with increase dramatically.

If you incorporate the JV Attraction Formula into your affiliate program correctly you will motivate your affiliates to promote your products and services on a consistent basis, each and every month!


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