Amebiasis Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

There are so many different types of parasite infection. Amebiasis is one type of these. The parasite type involved is known as Entamoeba histolytica. The particular type of a parasite has one cell.

Amebiasis is caused by unsanitary conditions that are lived in. It is also brought on ingesting either food or water that has traces of histolytica in it. If you ingest any part of this contamination, then you are at risk for getting this parasite.

When a person has Amebiasis, they may or may not become ill with it. Some people may have the infection inside of their bodies, and fight it off without even knowing that they have it. Others, will become ill, and have symptoms such as, (1) loose stools, (2) stomach cramps and pains, (3) and if severe, bloody stools and fever can also occur. The severe form is called amebic dysentry. You may also have a rapid weight loss, especially if passing at least ten or more stools per day. This fact is true in more severe cases.

There are sometimes that the E. histolytica can hurt the liver. If an abcess forms there, then it can travel to other places in the body, most seriously the brain or lung areas.

Once you have contracted E. histolytica, it can take up to 4 weeks to become ill, or sometimes less than that. Some people have become ill after the four weeek period.

If you have symptoms of Amebiasis, diagnosing it is done through stool samples. You may need to submit at least 3 or 4 samples since it is not always found in a single sample. This might have to also be done over a period of days.

Since I first mentioned that there are so many types of parasites, this is what makes Amebiasis hard to differentiate from other parasites. E. histolytica looks much like other parasites under the micriscope when testing for it. That is why other blood testing is usually done too.There are certain blood tests that can tell the treating doctor whether or not the parasite has actually crawled inside the intestinal tract or not. 

Sigmoidoscopy may be used to see the insides the lower bowel portion.

If all in all the doctor strongly suspects Amebiasis, and no test has been absolutely diagnostic of it, he or she will go ahead and treat you with those symptoms anyway. The treatments involve at least a couple different antibiotics that fight off the E. hystolitica parasite.

Severe cases will definitely need hospital supportive care with intravenous antibiotics.

When you are traveling to a strange place, be especially careful to take some preventive measures. Be sure that the water you are drinking is clean, and always eat foods that are completely cooked well. I am speaking of traveling to places that do not have very good cleanliness practices. 

Practicing safe sex is a must since your sexual partner may be a carrier.


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