Unusual Ways to Get Web Traffic

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Commenting – The power of commenting is always underestimated. It is only now that comment marketing has emerged and many webmasters are paying and hiring people to place comment on their behalf with their site’s link. So is commenting a viable and dependable source of traffic? The answer is NO. Commenting is not a viable source of traffic and  also doesn’t guarantees thousands of visitors through it but your success with comment marketing depends on how much you comment , how often you comment and where you comment . Commenting in blog’s relevant to your site is a good way of promotion, leaving an comment is an discussion forum like myLot is another great place to comment. Giving people answers in yahoo answers with your url is another way that can be included in comment marketing.

Tell-A-Friend Script – If you have just started a site or a blog then the best way to get instant traffic is to tell your friends to go and visit your site. You can tell about you new site or blog through emails. You can also send emails to your relative or close kins for visiting your site. Besides getting traffic , promoting your blog among friends and kins helps you to get feedback and feedback can help you to improve your blog or site. So when starting a site don’t forget your friends and kins.  

Link Exchanging – Exchanging links with your joint venture partner is a win win situation for both . You can exchange links by directly communicating with the blogger or website owner and most of them would have to place your link on their site with the condition that you place their link on your site . The best traffic exchange parter are the e-store owners . E-store owners always look for traffic thus contacting and exchanging links with an e-store owner is a very good option . If you don’t link to contact directly you can join free link exchange directories to find your partners . In this way the more partners you find the more  traffic you get.

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