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How to Make Money from Music

There are few ways through which you can sell your music

* The most obvious way is to sell it
* Self-publishing your music
* Selling through an e-store

Where To Sell your Music

Tradebit – Tradebit is one of the best site to sell your music . It is one of the hottest selling items on tradebit. If you haven’t heard of tradebit yet then it’s high time you should know about it . Tradebit is a platform where you can sell your digital products ranging from ebooks to manuals and also music but you must hold the right to whatever you are selling. Once you have composed and packaged your musical product you are ready to put it up for sale on their site. I guarantee that your item will receive more exposure than you ever imagined.

Self-publishing Music – This is an era of self-publishing as thousands of authors are self-publishing their books likewise many are self-publishing their songs. Lulu has pioneered in self-publishing , you can publish your songs or music on their site . It will be in self-publishing a cd/dvd . You just need to upload the product and lulu will take care of the rest . Though you will not see major success if you donot promote your product. You can only be successful in self-publishing if you are successful in promoting and marketing.

Sell Through an e-store – E-stores are electronic stores where you can put all your items up for sale. Though this will cost you a bit but there are quite a few sites that help you create e-store without any charge. Some of these sites are ecrate and binarystuff . Once you sign up with these sites you can sell whatever product you want in your case it will be plain and simple music . After you are done with the listing procedure you must market and promote it . If you are not promoting then you will sell nothing so don’t wait a second to start your promotion campaign .

Marketing your products is an important part of getting sales and when you are selling music it becomes much more important. You have to gain popularity online and it’s not that tough as you think. A good blog on music or promoting few of your songs in youtube can help you succeed in getting exposure . You just need to hardwork and success will follow you .

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