Alaska Resources For Living And Vacationing

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Alaska is a beautiful part of our world. The intention of my article here is to give resources online for where you can learn all about this great state! is a website which is comprehensive for those who have intentions of visiting Alaska. The website is also a good resource for those that may be planning a move to this state. It has which jobs are most frequently available, job seeker, job resources, job centers and a lot of information for this topic.

This same site also gives information about the schooling situation in Alaska, different librairies in this state, and information on the various museums.

If you are moving to Alaska, and need information about public schools, this is a site that offers a wealth of information on school available. There is a link to the schools if you know which city you are moving into, and a listing of clickable links to the schools. is another website you will need reference to if you are planning on making Alaska your home state, or at least seriously considering it. This site gives information on housing available, the generalities of cost of living, more information about education and schooling, and also what the job situation is like. There is a link on the site which also talks about the weather in Alaska, which as most people know, becomes very frigid in the winter months.

Another comprehensive website for Alaska is I highly recommend going there too. This site gives information on planning your vacation there, places for tourists to go, and things that tourists can do for fun.

If you are planning a move to Alaska, this is also a good site to bookmark. They give information here also pertaining to cities and villages in Alaska, information about the various cities such as the capital Juneau, etc., and there is also a number of photos of places in the state. is a good website to visit if you are planning an Alaskan tour. This site has a place over in your right hand corner where you can click on which item you are interested in, such as things to do, transportation, places to stay, etc. and when you click on one of these, it will give you lots of information.

Also in this site is referrals to other sites about traveling Alaska, and the various types of tours you can take. They show you the various things you can do in Alaska such as, (1) fishing, (2) viewing wildlife, (3) day cruises, (4) sightseeing, (5) multi-day cruises, (6) kayaking and rafting, and you name it, you will find it all there! You can sign up on this site for their e-mail newsletter so you can keep abreast of special travel deal packages.


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