How to Reduce Your Spending And 4 Easy Ways to Save Money And Drastically Reduce Your Power Bill.

When it comes to saving money the first step is to figure out where you’re money is going. Here’s a simple way to figure out where your hard earned money is going. Get a small note book that can easily fit in your pocket. In this notebook you’ll track and write down every purchase, bill or any expense you have. In short, when ever you spend money on anything. Do this for a month and then write down your total monthly expenses. Now look at where your moneys going and where you can reduce you’re spending. Example if you’re spending $200 a month on star bucks than make a change. Make coffee at home or at least go to a cheaper place to buy coffee like McDonalds or Duncan Doughnuts. I’m sure you’ll be able to make some cutbacks in your monthly spending. Try to control your impulse buying (impulse buying is where you buy something that you originally didn’t intend to buy). To help with this, make a list every time you go shopping and STICK TO IT. Make a game out of it and make it fun. Challenge yourself to see how much money you can save. Have a goal with the savings like retirement, a vacation or both. Here’s how to save money around your house with your monthly bills.

1. Seals:

Check all the window and door seals and make sure they air tight. We lose a ton of cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter due to this. If needs be, replace the seals. It will more than pay for itself in power savings. Also, get the Twin Draft Guard to insulate under doors. It’s under ten dollars and works great.

2. Vents:

Close all the vents to rooms in your house that are not being used. This will cause more air flow to the ones that are being used and save you money.

3. Lights:

Switch all your light bulbs to energy efficient ones (L.E.D) Light Emitting Diodes last longer and will noticeably decrease your power bill. You can also add motion detector lights which automatically turn off when no one is in the room. These are perfect for kids or irresponsible roommates.

4. Clean your AC unit:

Clean all of the debris from the vents of your AC unit. Be careful because they can bend very easily. I recommend using a shop vacuum. It’s quick and easy. Also, change your air filters regularly. This will maximize the air intake. Use the cheapest air filters, not the expensive ones that promise this or that. Expensive filters let less air in making your unit work harder. This results in a higher power bill. The only draw back to the cheap ones is they need to be changed more often. Contact your power company and ask for a free in home power efficiency inspection. Most states have power companies that will do this and give you more specific information for your particular home.

Save money and save the planet!


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