Top Five Children’s Books List

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1.  Goodnight Moon:  This book made this list of bedtime stories because every one of my children loved it from the time they were months old.  This classic story is simple, cute, and very catchy—my oldest child wanted me to read it up until he was four years old.  This is definitely a book for kids younger than two, since it’s very simple and quick to read. 

2.  The Foot Book:  No book list for kids could be complete without a Dr. Seuss book.  I named The Foot Book because it was the first (and for a while, the only) Dr. Seuss book in our house.  It’s a cute little story, and narrowly beat out Oh! The Places You’ll Go as the Dr. Seuss addition to our bedtime story list.  For older kids, other Dr. Seuss books might be more worthwhile, but The Foot Book gets the nod in our house.

3.  The Velveteen RabbitThe Velveteen Rabbit is a charming story about a toy rabbit who wants to be REAL.  This is a great story for kids between two and four years old, since they’re old enough to identify with a favorite toy and attentive enough to listen to this story from cover to cover. 

4.  Mother Goose Book of Stories:  This book comes in many forms, and has many classic bedtime stories.  Just like Dr. Seuss, no children’s book collection would be complete without a Mother Goose book.

5.  Hippos Go Berzerk!:  Sandra Boynton has produced many very cute books, targeted at the young (up to three years old) children.  Hippos Go Berzerk! Happens to be the top book in our house, but I could have chosen from any number of books, all of which are good books to read to your child.

You can look through books and books to find the best and most top rated books.  However, this list of books to read to your kids will ensure that you have plenty of entertaining bedtime stories night after night.

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