The Joy of True Friendship

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A person born in this wonderful world, whom you may trust and who is ready to give his shoulder for you to lean and stands beside you in any distress you are in and tries to solve it as his own is whom we call a friend.

Having the support of a true friend is like having the strongest weapon in the world.Humans are the most determined and the stubborn creatures in all legends and even the most determined require a shoulder to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder to rejoice on, and the most importantly a true heart to trust and love.

No man is ever a one man show.Every decision that a man makes affects the countless people who depends on him. Every man has a lot of duties to perform in life and the people who come with us throughout our journey of our life with an open heart for our feelings are our friends.They do not necessarily have a blood  relationship with us.The only relationship they have with us is a spiritual feeling that is called friendship and that is what we all have.

Every thing in this can be used to protect innumerable people and also to harm others.Just the same way a person who just uses his friends  as a mere tool for his upliftment will surely be worser than a thousand enemies individually stronger than you waiting on your bedside to pounce on you during a monday morning.

So be careful when you choose a friend and always remember to cherish the friends who are true to you and are ready to be by your side when you are in danger and are ready to risk even thier life for you.Many of us realise the value of a true friend only when we miss them.I too have felt the pain when i missed one of the few friends i loves and care for the most.

She meant a lot to me even more than my other friends.We shared a lot in common, our similarity grew us together and our bond grew to a bond deep into our souls.but i had to part my way from her for her happiness didnt want to pain her i.Even though i was never able to see her or even hear her voice ever, i can still feel the warmth of her friendship that she showered me with for so long.

Though i miss her friendship, the fact that she is happy makes me feel great.You too will surely be happy when you even do a small sacrifice for your friend.Try it and feel the true joy in friendship. Iam writing this in a hope that she may read it atleast by an accident and will understand that i will always be her friend just as i promised her…..till death


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