Ufc: 2010 Undisputed Review

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This game has been improvement a lot since is 2009 release. Their is many new characters to choose from and exclusive fighters only for the PS3.

8.5/10 Career Mode –
This new career mode remake for this game is much better. Making it more lifelike and slightly harder to get a hold of, but once you get a hold of how the career mode works starts becoming easier. You have to go to camps to train new moves and do objectives they have their. Then you have to keep all your stats and attributes up or they will start to fall. So their is a lot more balancing in this game. To earn points to spend in attributes you have to spar with your partner and earn points that way. The game has cut scene’s which is also nice to see every once in a while. Can get repetitive after long hours of straight game play in career mode. So need to take breaks from the game.

9/10 Other Modes (Exhibition, Ultimate Fights, etc,.)
Their is many things you can do other then career mode in this game, and that includes the online matchmaking. Exhibition is fun to do if you want to versus a computer very quickly in a certain weight class or you can watch computers fight even if you want to. If you have the PS3 version then you can watch 4 UFC Fights with the REAL footage of them. Ultimate Fights mode if you do the exact same thing that they did in real life you unlock a short REAL life clip of the knockout actually happening. The matchmaking is nice also just some people like to use take downs or spam certain things. The tournament mode is nice if you are having a local tournament or if you are just having any kind of tournament really, it is a nice feature to have.

9/10 Overall – Game is far better then the 2009 version. Slightly better graphics, better career mode, better modes, and overall easier and better controls and game play seems to flow much easier and smoother.


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