DJ Hero Review

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This game was an attempt of something new from the people of Guitar Hero. The game has good remixed tracks just the only thing that is not fun about it is that a DJ in real life has many more functions they must preform, for example more then one knob and slider. The other downside to this that you can only play with one instrument with a few select songs that you can play with a guitar by your side. So it is like that went back a few paces when they released this game. Something else that you have to do is play career mode to unlock songs. Sure it has a point but then again sometimes you just want to be able to try out a song also. They could have put a little bit more time into this game, and DJ Hero 2 is coming up here soon, hopefully they will make plenty of revisions to this game. The game is not nearly as hard as guitar hero is either. After just half a day you can be playing on expert mode since their is only 3 buttons and 1 slider that you HAVE to use. Since you do not need to use the knob or star power. The neat thing they did with this was the ability to do some extra things and the reverse feature which is nice to score them extra points and is cool since you get to sort of remix the song more. Some of the songs are a bit iffy to me, but that’s just me.

6/10 – I think they could have done plenty to spice up this game. Giving it higher graphics, maybe more then 3 buttons? Something a little harder. More customization, be able to make your own remixes would be awesome to do also. 


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