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Now a days alot of peoples willing to do works at home and want to earn alot money.

We are familier about data entry and online advertising programmes..

Lets see some informations about advertising programme for site owners.

                              CPM Means Cost Per Milli (Cost per 1,000) That indiacates the earnings of 1000 visitors on yoursite., CPC (Cost per Click) That mean the advertised banner impession. CPC is a cost associated with each click on the advertisement to the target page. CPA is a cost associated with each lead created from a click on the advertisement (CPL), or each sale (CPS).All the amois depend upon your site rank and traffic rank according to google.



Lets consider 2000 regular visitors per day for a particular site,

The cpm cost is 5$(That is depend upon the traffic rank of the particular site and it is variable one)

C P M =           2000/1000 *5$

           =           10$

C P M  =           10$ per day



Lets consider 1$ per click of the banners and your site average banner clicks

from the entire visitors  is .01%


CPC =         2000/.01

         =         20$ Per day.


cpl cpa cps all of them are related to to the money which to be paid for the enquiries about the product which is

pasted in the banners.

                           Site owners can promote your site by free can search them on google and past your site link for free to increase visitors.

For free Earnings.


According to online investment programme we have to aware of scammers.I guess 20:1 is the ratio for scamming good website.So find out some good earning website.


Data entry is some thing like a complete typing work.

Basically the two bodies of data entries are

  1. Form Filling Job
  2. Image To Word Converssion

Form Filling Job:

We have to fill the required missing text from the form


This is something like a pdf to word conversion

Data entry jobs available with minimum investment and we can earn some decent income per month.


The terms and conditions for online advertising aswell as data entry job is very simple,

For online advertising we should meet the visitors from different IP Adresses.(Should not be a unique one)

For data entry we should not use some shortcut softwares and should type with minimum or zero mistakes,


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