how to drive a golf ball 300 yards!!!

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The most important thing to focus on when driving the ball is to be relaxed. When you step up to the ball, you want to have a nice and loose grip. Most people think that you need to grip the club really tightly, but the exact opposite is what is needed. Watch tour pros and you will find that their swings are extremely fluid and loose. My favorites to watch are Tiger, Ernie Els, and Trevor Immelman.

The second thing that you should know is keep your head down through the whole swing. It sounds like a very simple step, but it is one of the most common problems with amateur golfers. You should not be following the ball’s flight, you should be focused on the spot where you hit the ball. To really get this feeling down, just ask your partner you are golfing with to watch your ball the whole time, and you just stare at the same spot all the way through your swing without looking up, just trusting that the ball is going straight down the middle. By keeping your eye on the ball all the way through your swing you will be making the best CONTACT possible, thus increasing your yardage on your drives.

Release later in your swing. The best drivers of the golf ball release very late in their downswing. The further down your downswing you can get without releasing early, the further you are going to hit the ball. Once you have mastered this new swing you will find increasing power that you only dreamed about.

The next tip is to lengthen your swing. When you swing through the ball, be sure you are extending all the way through the ball. You don’t want your arms to be in tight and bent, but instead you want to extend all the way through the ball. A good way to try this is imagine multiple balls teed up directly in front of your own ball. Then when you swing through your ball imagine that you want to make good contact with all the balls in front of it. If your club is still making good swings on the balls in front of your real one, than you are following through correctly. This will help you focus on hitting THROUGH the ball rather than pulling up short after you just hit the ball.

The next tip is your rotation. A good way to check if you are rotating correctly is if your shirts left shoulder is getting worn out. Your chin should be consistently touching that part of your shoulder in your back swing.

Probably the most important tip is properly transferring your energy throughout the swing. If you are swinging through the ball when all your weight is still on your back foot, you are most likely not hitting the ball very far at all. You want to make sure that when you are swinging through the ball all your weight has been shifted towards your front leg and all your energy is moving through the ball. The pros make their swings look so effortless because they have impeccable timing, perfect energy transfers, and extremely fluid motions.

Practice is very important. Very few people are blessed with the ability to immediately hit the ball 300 yards, but with these new tips, you will be bangin out 300 yard drives in no time!!!

The next step is to practice. A great piece of advice is to swing with an empty mind. I know it sounds hard, but the more you have going on in your head the worse you are going to do. Do some practice swings with my tips in mind and groove them into your memory, then step up to the ball and just swing. Never start questioning yourself during your swing.

The last peice of advice I have to give is remember the feeling of a good swing. Be sure to ask yourself AFTER(not during!!!)every swing, Why did that feel good or bad? What did I do differently that swing than last and so on…Eventually you will be able to make adjustments and groove the perfect swing into your muscle memory!

with my advice you should be bangin out 300 yard drives in no time! remember you don’t have to be huge to hit the ball a long way. Anyone can do it!!!


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