Runescape Slayer Tutorial A Beginner’s Guide to this Members Only RS Skill

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Hunters can have their fun, smiths can craft various weapons, fletchers can make bows, and a handy-man can build his own house, but sometimes a Runescape character needs a skill with a little more flair.

Gaining levels in the slayer skill gives a player access to more powerful monsters. Why a separate skill was included to do this rather than simply including members-only content is unknown. Speculations as to why this is the case abound, but most of these speculations are not suitable for print.

Starting with the Runescape Slayer Skill

The slayer skill does not take a lot of prior knowledge on the part of the player. In order to become a slayer, a Runescape character must go to one of the villages in the game and speak to a slayer master. The slayer master will then give him a task that is usually killing a certain number of monsters and returning.

Charts for the slayer skill can be found on the Global Runescape and Runescape tips fan sites, but space limitations prevent charts from being compiled on Suite 101.

Special Monster Slaying Equipment

The slayer skill differs little from combating other monsters in Runescape, except that certain monsters require special equipment. Earmuffs, for example, protect a character from the wailing of the banshees and a rock hammer is useful for killing weakened gargoyles.

A Few Monster Slaying Tips

The slayer skill is straightforward, but there are a few tips that will help a player raise the skill more quickly. A short list is included below.

  • Starting with a slayer master at the right level for the character makes leveling up easier
  • If a mission is too hard, abandon it. Slayer experience is gained for every monster killed.
  • Figure out whether ranged, melee, or magic will be the most effective combat type for a mission
  • Research special equipment needed for the missions and items that might help beforehand
  • Be cautious. Some slayer missions take place in PvP zones

It may seem that the Runescape programmers may have been running out of ideas when they included the slayer skill, but it is not entirely useless. When a character reaches a slayer skill level of 99, he can buy a special cape to show off his achievement, and he can earn beneficial items by completing the tasks from the slayer masters.


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