Solar Power: Utilizing This Free Energy Resource

What is Solar Power?

What is solar power? To put it bluntly it’s the means of capturing the sun’s rays and turning them into energy which we can then use to power and heat our homes and offices, run our cars and other forms of transport efficiently without releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Benefits to Solar Energy

The power of the sun is free so once you have the means to collect, store and distribute the energy then everything else is free and using solar power will pay for itself.

Solar energy does not harm the environment or increase your carbon footprint, in fact it reduces your carbon footprint as you are less reliant of fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal.

Other Benefits

There are so many different things you can do with the sun’s energy including warming and powering your homes and cars, powering a solar shower or oven, even heating your water.

If you produce more electricity then you need you can sell the unwanted electricity to your utility supplier helping to pay for itself faster.

With nano technologies becoming more and more prelevant in our lives it’s only a matter of time before this technology is incorporated into solar power. This is a good thing as it will make the equipment needed smaller but cheaper to.

A Changing World

We all know our beautiful planet is changing, warmer temperatures mean higher tides and this is causing our coastlines to be eroded and reclaimed back by the sea. Our reliance on fossilized fuels like coal, gas and oil are at an all time high which is putting stress on the planet we live on. Coupled with the rainforests being cut down at a rate of 36 football fields every minute and house building on areas that were once considered green belt areas are all adding to the problem.

But All is Not Lost

We have ways in which we can reduce or eradicate these problems including our reliance of fossilized fuels and one way is by using solar power. Easy to set up and use utilizing the sun’s rays for solar power will not only pay for itself over time but reduce our carbon footprint and reliance of fossilized fuels.

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