How Bukisa is Exclusive From Others?

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Why Bukisa is exclusive compared to others?

One would have come across lot of sites for knowledge sharing, online earning etc. But Bukisa is more exclusive than others because of the following reasons.

  • Real huge knowledge database is available here compared to others.

  • One can see the level of sharing by simply searching any keyword on Bukisa search tool.

  • By simply sharing knowledge with others, one can do a decent earning. But still earning is secondary here since knowledge sharing is the core.

  • Knowledge is more worthy than earnings. This is being proved in Bukisa.


A major advantage of Bukisa is the simplicity in sharing knowledge. Uploading a text article or a presentation is simple here. There are no big modules required for content submission. Very simply one can type the article of about 250 words within 15 minutes and can share it to the world.

Categorization of submission

Submitting an article should need a better categorization always. In Bukisa, the categories of articles are created in an excellent way compared to others. One can easily categorize the article theme.

User friendly traffic analysis

After submission of any content, the tools available with Bukisa are excellent compared to others. Especially, the number of qualified views, the source of that view and the keyword are very useful for any content writer. After submission of a list of articles, using these tools one can know the popularity of contents easily by analyzing individual contents submitted. Also the number of views for a given period of time in a tabular form for each content show the popularity of them among the entire traffic of a content writer.

Likewise, there are more and more options are available in Bukisa which makes it a successful one always.


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