My Referrals Are Starting to Make me Money

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I earned about fifteen cents yesterday from my commission on my referral’s article earnings. Here’s the thing, that might not sound like a lot of money, but it is, when it’s a residual income that keeps coming in, growing all the time.

My referrals are starting to build my residual income passively, and there are more coming in all the time. I just wrote a couple of hundred articles, and posted my referral link in lots of different places like Facebook pages, etc, and I am really starting to make money from it.

The amount of money I will earn over the next year from my current residual income is about $200, but the money I make from my commission on my referral’s article earnings is rising every week, because they write more articles, get referrals of their own who write articles, and I keep getting more referrals, and writing more articles which get more referrals too.

If you don’t know, Bukisa is a free to join article writing site, with a three level referral program. You get 25% on your first level referral’s article earnings, then 5% of their referral’s article earnings, and then 1% of your third level referral’s article earnings. The pay per click rate is $3.22 US per thousand clicks.

Getting referrals is as easy as including your referral link in your articles as link text, or even a banner link. If I want to make a link text link to my referral link, I just write the words: JOIN BUKISA, and maybe I could make it bigger by using the paragraph format button at the top left of the article body box:


Then, I copy my referral link by right clicking on it, (found on your dashboard), and press the add link button, and paste my referral link into the box that comes up.

I can even copy a banner photo, by highlighting it, and pressing copy, then I paste it in my article, highlight it, press the add link button, and I have a banner ad for my referral link in every article I write:

It is quite easy to do the same thing on most other article writing sites, and social networking sites, so you can market your referral link to the world. The main thing to getting found, is knowing how to get your articles into a Google search.

I might not succeed with this article, but nevertheless, just the fact I am updating my site with content regularly, means that my other articles have a better Google rating.

Some quick tips on SEO are include your main tagged keywords as about 2-5% of the text, (in this case, referrals, starting, make money, make me money, money, starting to make me money, my referrals, make etc). Then, it’s a good idea to slowly build links to your articles from many different outside domains.

You can download a free browser add-on called Add this, which has hundreds of places to link from like Digg, Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Stumble Upon, etc. Just Google Add this.

I am writing this article in the hopes that my referrals will be reading it, and getting tips on how to get more traffic to their articles, which hopefully results in them finding lots of referrals of their own.

The more articles you write, and the more you know about article writing, the more referrals you will get, and the more money you will make, or rather, the faster you will build your residual income.



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