Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is a term for a situation in which a sleeping person will realize that dream and it gives him the opportunity in his dream, knowingly and with almost no restrictions to move or even change it. Simply put on such an “awakening in a dream.” It is used by the abbreviation “LD”.


Mention of lucid dreams, we find it in Aristotle, the oldest record dates from 415th In the 8thcentury, the Tibetan Buddhists to operate a form of yoga designed to maintain wakefulness during sleep. This phenomenon is also discussed masters. In the 19 century, the pioneer was the Marquis d’Hervey de Saint-Denis, which has significantly increased awareness of lucidním dream and end of the 20th Stephen LaBerge century scientifically prove the existence of this phenomenon and phenomena described by him going into the brain, so was its general acceptance in scientific circles.


This ability to respect certain procedures train, the first important step is to learn to remember your dreams, it is recommended that you write, for example.
The most commonly used method is the so-called reality testing. For example, signs in dreams are very unstable (in a moment it must be another sign). So if you read the various inscriptions on and check after a while does not change, it is possible that it is done later in a dream and it gets Lucidity. It should also be checked for example the time to watch.
Another option is to keep you awake during sleep. This can be achieved very deep release and the calmness of his mind. Recommended position on the back, or the position in which the body is not accustomed to


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